Reviews Flekosteel

  • Joshua
    I am a courier, so I have to spend a lot of time on my feet. One winter, I slipped and fell. My knee was very swollen at night, so I didn't go to work the next day. The doctor I know recommended Flekosteel. I bought the medicine, and at night, the pain was relieved a lot and the swelling almost disappeared.
  • Evie
    I have been suffering from osteochondrosis for 7 years. I especially feel this sensation in the cold season-when I have a bit of a cold, my back immediately starts to ache. During one of these periods, my daughter brought me Flekosteel. After applying the gel for about 15 minutes, the pain began to decrease. Now, my medicine cabinet always contains this gel, even if the weather changes and my joints start to hurt, I have to use it.
  • Jessica
    Flekosteel was purchased on the suggestion of a friend. The reviews are good and the prices are reasonable. I have a problem with my knee, especially a leg injury at night. After using the gel for the first time, I felt a little relaxed and after a week I was able to fall asleep normally.
  • Jack
    I signed up for the gym. The program has been strengthened for him. But by the end of the first week, the whole body was sore, muscles and joints burned. To relieve the pain, the coach gave me Flekosteel gel. Its natural ingredients are designed to eliminate such symptoms. Now, I can use it to warm up my muscles before training.
  • Ruby
    My mother’s neck is often inflamed, and the ointment in the medicine cabinet does not really help. I decided to try Flekosteel gel. The gel solved the problem from the first day of use. She certainly needs to heal her spine, but so far, the gel has been steadily helping.
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