What is the best medicine for back pain: sedative and therapeutic

For those suffering from back pain, the patch is an easy-to-use, affordable, effective and safe dosage form. He is unable to cure the disease or eliminate the cause of the concern because. this is just one important link in the treatment complex. The effect of the patch is aimed at eliminating or alleviating the painful symptoms of the disease, improving the quality of life at home, without using the help of a medical professional, taking pills that are harmful to the lining of the gastrointestinal tract or painful. injections that have many side effects and contraindications. Without adversely affecting other systems and organs, the back pain patch sends medicinal substances to the right place, provides sufficient concentration for the development of a therapeutic effect and a point effect directly at the source of the pain.

back hurts what patch will help

Properties and types of plasters

Patch is a relatively new form of treatment associated with the transdermal therapeutic system.

Its distinctive feature is a unique structure that has a number of advantages:

  • ease of use, ease of dressing - invisibility to others, preservation of freedom of movement, convenience of treatment (depending on the type of product and the expected effect, the patch can be on the skin from 1 hour to 2-3 days);
  • active elements penetrate rapidly into superficial blood vessels through the upper layers of the skin, begin to act intentionally and more rapidly than in forms for oral administration;
  • when applied to the skin, a systemic effect is provided, but the substances are absorbed into the inferior or superior vena cava system, bypassing the liver and digestive tract and not undergoing a complex of biochemical transformations (primary hepatic and gastric metabolism). in which medicinal substances decompose and usually lose their pharmacological activity;
  • the ability to slowly release the active ingredients to the surface of the dermis, which ensures a longer exposure period. This occurs due to the continuous supply of the drug to the body at a rate that creates a constant level and close to the minimum level of therapeutic concentration of the drug in the bloodstream;
  • lack of a withdrawal syndrome with a sharp end of application;
  • ability to combine with other medications, physiotherapy procedures and treatment methods;
  • release control and prolonged action of the patch to relieve back pain enables the reduction of the frequency of administration of the prescribed drug. This, in turn, minimizes the systemic and local side effects characteristic of long-term repeated use, the presence and magnitude of the cumulative effect, and avoids a possible attenuation of the pharmacological effect.
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Because of its benefits, transdermal therapy quickly gained popularity. Officially, several dozen medical adhesive tapes with various active substances have been registered in the world. All existing patches for the treatment of back pain, based on the composition and principle of exposure, can be divided into groups. This separation is conditional, because many of them operate by several mechanisms and produce a complex effect, when the influence of one active component is complemented by the work of another. Patches of domestic and foreign manufacturers are presented in the pharmaceutical market.

In pharmacies, you can find products of the following brands specialized in the production of dosed, fully ready-to-use medicines, intended for external use in the form of a piece:

  • irritating action;
  • with heat reflective coating, dry heat;
  • with non-steroidal or other anti-inflammatory agents;
  • with the addition of herbs and medicinal oils;
  • based on substances with chondroprotective action;
  • pain relievers with local anesthetics;
  • nanotechnology.

Summary of the most popular back patches

The development and implementation of transdermal therapeutic systems has changed the idea of the patch as a simple adhesive that protects against injury. The presence of a drug reservoir has made the fragment an important element in the symptomatic treatment of low back pain and an alternative to parenteral and oral administration. There are many reasons that can cause back pain and aggravation. This may be due to problems with the musculoskeletal system, diseases of internal organs, physical overload, hypothermia, tight nerves, chronic infection, back injury, stress, age-related changes.

In order not to aggravate the situation, the pain can not be ignored, it rarely passes by itself. Treatment should be timely and competent - an integrated approach is needed. Depending on the type and severity of the pain, the possible causes of their appearance, the physiological characteristics of the body, the doctor may prescribe one or another medicine.

Only a specialist, after a thorough survey and examination, is able to determine which medical adhesive is best because. they differ in the principle of action and tasks. Brief description and characteristics of the most common back pain relief patches:

  • Pepper - the most popular, well-proven. Cheap and efficient. Liquid-gel tablets are transparent, hypoallergenic, well fixed. An increase in heat during the application of the gel film is felt after 2 minutes. Capsaicin-based adhesives (an extract made from hot pepper) improve blood flow, metabolic processes in the affected area, reduce muscle tension, have a local irritating, warming, antispasmodic and laxative effect. They relieve pain due to a distracting effect, while the pain is replaced by a burning sensation and tingling sensation. Aggressive, can irritate the skin. Indicated for radiculitis, rheumatic diseases, arthralgic syndrome, back neuralgia, lumbago, myalgia of the spinal muscles.
  • A category of thermal plasters containing a group of substances (turf sand, coke, salt, activated carbon, iron powder and mineral, etc. ), capable of heating up to 40-58 degrees in just 20 minutes in contact with air and storing. optimum temperature for 7-12 hours. This subgroup has a high cost and a relatively long list of contraindications. Single-use adhesives anesthetize, provide uniform heating, increase blood circulation, relaxation of constantly tense deep muscle fibers that run along the spine. Heat helps with rheumatism, osteochondrosis, myositis of the lumbar or other muscles of the back, chronic osteoarthritis, sciatica.
  • Patch measures with the inclusion of Diclofenac are representatives of the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They act quickly without irritating the skin. They are characterized by pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The effect is long lasting. Eliminate the pain associated with the inflammatory process of swelling. The synthetic composition of the non-steroidal structure causes the possibility of unwanted side reactions (risk increases with prolonged patch treatment). Usually they bring relief in acute periods of the disease: with inflammation, degenerative changes in the spine, lumboischialgia. It is also indicated for the back and joints as a means to ensure rapid recovery from overexertion, injuries, sprains.
  • A highly targeted adhesive tape containing glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and neurotropic vitamin B1. The complex of active ingredients involved in connective tissue synthesis increases cartilage matrix production, protects cartilage from damaging factors, helps restore the hyaline layer, and stimulates tissue regeneration. The medicine is of natural origin, it is expensive, it supplies nutrients and anti-inflammatory substances. Its action is aimed at eliminating the cause of pain syndrome. This type of patch is recommended for deforming, degenerative-dystrophic changes in the spine.
  • Local anesthesia with lidocaine, which is a combination of 2 anesthetics. Strong pain relievers, offer dermal anesthesia, the effect lasts for another 120 minutes after removing the treatment strip from the skin. Used for neuropathic back pain, before injections or superficial surgeries.
  • Innovations produced using special technologies. They include bioactive substances of smaller sizes deposited on a polymer base, which can easily penetrate the epidermis layers, reach a sore spot, produce radiation in the infrared region of the spectrum and create a magnetic fieldconstant. The result of the combined effect of nanoparticles is an increase in local blood flow, an improvement in lymphatic drainage, pain relief, inflammatory reactions, removal of edema, muscle relaxation and restoration of functions. Spots are indicated for violations of sensitivity, pain in the cervix, lumbar region on the background of a crushed nerve, sciatica, spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis and other spinal pathologies.
  • Medicinal plant-based adhesives - they are also called Chinese patches. They are not officially a medicine, they are registered as products belonging to the category of sanitary and hygienic products and cosmetics. Manufacturers emphasize the effectiveness and safety of herbal patches, which are due to the large amount of beneficial natural substances that form the basis of medical plaque. There are many variations of adhesive tapes and the ratings from them are mostly positive. Among the disadvantages, frequent allergic reactions and a large number of counterfeits are observed. The range of application is wide, includes osteochondrosis of any part of the spine, sciatica.

How to use

All back pain spots are for external use only. They are not subject to reuse, after removal from the skin they should be discarded. After removing the protective tape, the product is applied to a well-cleaned dry skin surface in the affected area and left to act for the period specified by the manufacturer.

The instruction states that:

  • Plaster with peppers can be on the skin, providing a therapeutic effect, for 2 days. May irritate skin and cause severe burns. Re-application is possible only after a short break. The gel patch is applied to the problem area with a thin layer, without rubbing, waiting for it to dry completely. The formed film is removed within a day.
  • Thermal stains rarely stick directly to the naked body, because the perceived temperature can reach high values, so the manufacturer recommends fixing them in fairly dense underwear. Once you have opened the packaging bag and removing the piece, remove the protective film from it. Must be used immediately and in full - it is forbidden to wait! The maximum duration of use is 10-12 hours per day.
  • Patches with NSAIDs are allowed to stay only for 24 hours The maximum allowed daily dose is 30 mg. The duration of the course of treatment should not exceed 21 days.
  • Anesthetic patches are applied to the skin in the area of maximum pain. Can be cut, glued at the same time 3 parts to different parts of the body. Application time - 1-5 hours, then the effect weakens. The interval between repeated applications is at least 12 hours. It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of such a treatment - if after 2-4 weeks of regular use a positive result is not observed, then the course of treatment should be completed.
  • Patches with chondroprotectors require prolonged use. Recommended regimen: first week - daily full-time use (when reapplied, it is advisable to move the piece slightly so as not to unnecessarily obstruct the skin's respiration), the second week and then - every second day. The manufacturer's instructions promise that noticeable changes will appear after 3 months of treatment and to consolidate the achieved effect, it is necessary to extend the therapy for at least another 3 months.
  • Nanotechnological plasters are used in short courses: acute pain - 3-9 days, the stage of exacerbation of a chronic disease - 9-15 days. After a weekly break, you can repeat the treatment. The duration of the continuous stay of the adhesive tape on the skin is limited to 12 hours, after which the skin should rest for at least 6 hours. The therapeutic effect is often accompanied by a slight burning sensation and a heat rash.
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Contraindications for use

If we compare different types of patches, using treatment safety as a criterion, then modern high-quality developments are the most preferred. The list of contraindications for their use is limited to the presence of open wounds, warts, large moles at the sites of plaque fixation, skin diseases and pregnancy (due to lack of sufficient clinical data confirming safety for developmentof the fetus). The next safest patch is the Nano Patch GS, which is forbidden to treat by pregnant and lactating women, children and adolescents 0-18 years and individuals with individual intolerance to the ingredients. Thermal tablets should also not be used in patients with diabetes mellitus or who have undergone heart surgery.

The list is closed with patches with NSAIDs, which have the following contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to non-steroidal substances, excipients;
  • aspirin triad;
  • kidney, liver dysfunction;
  • chronic course of heart dysfunction;
  • erosion, gastrointestinal ulcer;
  • exacerbation of porphyrin disease;
  • age of the elderly or children - 0-15 years;
  • Third trimester of pregnancy or breastfeeding.
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Above is an exhaustive list of patches in the pharmaceutical market, they have no analogues in this dosage form. Other drugs for use on the skin, ointments and gels, sprays, including the same active substance, have the closest effect.

Back pain is a reason to immediately consult a doctor, self-medication by any means can cause the development of a serious pathology.